The operation of your business in the best hands.
We offer you the best technology with the best technical equipment.

The continuous professional attention of the batteries and chargers allows to improve its capacity, extend its useful life and increase its availability, reducing costs due to unscheduled stoppages, guaranteeing a more efficient and safe operation.

We offer a full service to our clients, which covers from specialized advice to establish their basic needs in the field, the supply and maintenance of optimal solutions, to the proper disposal of the products once their useful life has ended. We have highly trained technical staff, service vehicles and all the necessary tools to provide the support they require for:

Technical analysis of your operation to determine the solution that best fits your needs.

Inspection and diagnosis of batteries and chargers for all brands.

Preventive maintenance of batteries and chargers.

Preventive maintenance of batteries and chargers.

Testing and evaluation of battery discharge.

Processes of restoration of sulphated batteries allowing to extend their lifespan.

Sale of spare parts and accessories.

Guidance and technical assistance.

Guidance and technical assistance