Innovative systems that combine perfectly load efficiency, reliability and performance.

To recharge traction batteries, we supply our customers with industrial chargers designed specifically for each use, with the characteristics and capabilities required for traction and electric mobility applications.

Por Qué Preferirnos

We have the widest range of charging technologies on the market, including:

Chargers slow, fast and extra-fast, conventional and modular load.

High frequency opportunity chargers, for partial recharges of short duration less than 2 hours.

Chargers with ionic mixing of electrolyte, which minimize energy consumption and optimize the charging process.

Chargers High Frequency (HF), which reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

Chargers with mixing by air injection: Air Mix.

Our battery charging solutions optimize energy use, protect the batteries extending their life and reducing the operating costs; they are adapted specifically for the conditions of the local electrical grid; they are highly reliable and safe.