Technology and durability which makes a difference in its operation

Our RHINO® imported driving force power batteries are recognized as the best stored electrical power solution for cleaning, storage, moving cargo, and other vehicles that require reliable and long-lasting power supply.

Its excellent design and quality, added to a complete range of technologies created specifically for each type of operation, are a guarantee of superior performance, maximum reliability, greater performance and profitability.
They are assembled with the same components certified and guaranteed as original factory equipment (OEM), which are used and recommended by the best electric forklift manufacturers in the world.

This combination of knowledge, technology, materials and high quality processes ends up in batteries with a service expectation exceeding 1,800 operating cycles. This makes a big difference for our clients.

Por Qué Preferirnos

Tronex has the right solution for each of your needs:

High performance batteries - RHINO, a solid, efficient and reliable option for all kinds of operation.

Batteries with extended capacity - RHINO Evolution, with 14% more active material and longer lasting each day.

Low maintenance batteries - RHINO Platinum, a high efficiency option that saves energy, water and time; with filling intervals up to 120 days.

Sealed maintenance-free batteries - RHINO Titanium, special for places where gas emissions must be avoided and 100% clean environments guaranteed.

Anti-explosion batteries- RHINO Atex, to guarantee safer manufacturing processes and the accomplishment of the most demanding standards.

Open monoblocks of traction, for mobile applications of cyclical use in the field.

VRLA - SLA sealed traction monoblocks, which eliminate the need for filling and facilitate its operation.