Innovative solutions to facilitate and improve your business operation.

We provide innovative products and solutions to ease operations with industrial batteries, improve the preservation of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, increase profitability on investment and guarantee a reliable, agile and much safer work.

Centralized filling systems, which allow in an easy and a much faster way to add the deionized water required by your batteries, guaranteeing an adequate filling level, reducing water consumption and avoiding the overflow of electrolyzed sulfuric acid; this helps enormously in keeping your batteries in better condition for much longer, taking care of the environment and at the same time reducing your maintenance costs.

Carts and filling nozzles, which facilitate the addition of water to your batteries anywhere; equipped with automatic nozzles that stop the flow of water once the correct electrolyte level is reached. This system allows reducing water consumption, decreases maintenance needs and extends batteries’ life.

Electrolyte level indicators, that tell you when to add water to your batteries. They are easy to install, economical, and reliable. A handy tool that helps you take better care of your investment.

Deionizing systems, a convenient and cost-effective solution to care and support your batteries. With the installation of a deionizer near your charging room saves money, space and time.

Performance monitors, which record all the necessary information about the operation of their batteries and provide them with tools to take timely corrective actions.

Kits for the emergency care of electrolyte spills, to attend properly any accidental event that is presented in a safe way for your staff and the environment.

Fuel gas sensors for charging rooms, which allow you to control the levels of Hydrogen (H2) and other flammable gases such as natural gas, methane and propane / LP, in the areas of operation and battery charging.

Cleaning kits for traction batteries.

Personal protection equipment.

Diagnostic equipment and maintenance of industrial batteries.

Diagnostic equipment and maintenance of industrial batteries