A correct design to guarantee our clients a reliable, agile, sustainable, efficient and safe operation.

We have an engineering team specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for charging rooms and battery handling, in accordance with the best practices of the industry, which allows us to offer our customers a complete range of solutions to fit to your operation; from small fleets of 2 to 5 machines, to large-scale operations of more than 200 machines.


Our solutions include:

Manual and automatic battery exchange stations, of one or several levels.

Vertical and horizontal battery exchange systems.

Manual and automatic battery exchange carts.

Static and roller charging stations.

Battery monitoring systems.

Charging room management systems and battery tracking.

Accesorios y Equipamiento para Baterías

The application of innovative solutions in its operation, developed together with the best battery manufacturers, and implemented and validated by leading companies worldwide, guarantees:

- A more efficient operation of your equipment and reduction of stoppage times.

- Reduction times required for the exchange of batteries.

- Efficient use of electric power and cost and energy losses reduction.

- Increase in the lifespan of your batteries by having the correct working cycles.

- Optimizing the use of the space required for storage and battery charging.

- Compliance with safety regulations in electrical installations, industrial safety, occupational health and environmental requirements.